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Compatible state(s): Wyoming

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement (Tenancy at Will) (WY)

This document creates a rental agreement when renting a property to 1-6 tenants on a month-to-month basis. A month-to-month basis means that this agreement continues each month until either one of you provides at least 30 days' notice that you want the agreement to end. This type of tenancy is also known as a "tenancy at will." This creates a flexible situation that can benefit both landlord and tenant.

This agreement covers such matters as the amount of rent, any deposits to be paid, late fees, parking, pets, and payment of utilities. It also includes important disclosures that you might be required to give the tenant, such as a lead paint disclosure if the property was built prior to 1978.

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Month-to-Month Rental Agreement (Tenancy at Will) (T2) (Guidance Notes)